USPS service redesign

The goal of this project was to redesign the USPS experience through research of the current state service. My team and I identified high-level opportunities and ideated new solutions through full-scale prototyping.

Project Length: 4 weeks
Collaborators: Lizzie Garrett & Kristine Yuen
Skills: Physical & Digital Prototyping, Visual Design, User Research, Usability Testing



We conducted research by visiting various USPS offices throughout San Francisco, as well as researching competitor services such as Fedex, UPS and Shyp. After synthesizing our research data and creating a customer experience map, we identified a number of opportunity areas. The biggest pain point for users is the overwhelming quantities of information and the way information is displayed throughout the office.


Physical prototyping

We mapped the future state of the USPS package service in terms of how users would make their way through the space depending on their objective. With my two other teammates, I built foam core structures to prototype a full-scale USPS office. We wanted to create a streamlined experience that focused on customer needs and goals.


User testing

In order to test our full-scale prototype and touch-points, we asked participants to run through three different scenarios in order to send a package (i.e. send this gift to your mom before her Birthday on Tuesday). Our observations and conversations led to key insights for improvement.


Final physical prototype & UI design

I was responsible for the visual design and UI of the USPS Kiosk application. Feedback from our first round of user testing drove my UI design decisions. First, I created wireframes to explore different screen flows. Then, I used Illustrator to design the UI and InVisionApp to create a working prototype. 



+ People enjoy a more open and friendly environment.

+ USPS employees are incredibly knowledgable but can rarely use their knowledge because they are busy with transactional tasks. With more self-serve kiosks, customers can take ownership of their shipment which frees USPS employees to help customers in more effective and efficient ways.

+ Users appreciate faster transactions and new tools (e.g. address lookup and loyalty program).

+ Customer enjoy a sense of accomplishment and security when placing their packages into the bin.