Creativity Explored Toolkit

Helping a non-profit uncover their organizational values.

In a year long collaboration, four teammates and I set out to understand to positive core of local non-profit, Creativity Explored. Our objective to was learn the organizational values of Creativity Explored and find a meaningful way to make these values more present in the workplace.

Project Length: 1 year

Collaborators: Emil Alex, Kris Fung, Natasha Noltimier & Daniel Olarte

Skills: Design Strategy, User Research



User research

We interviewed eleven members of the Creativity Explored community and asked them the reasons they were drawn to this organization. We asked about the culture of the organization and what it was about that culture that resonated with them. In addition to our conversations, we asked participants to write love letters to Creativity Explored, explaining their strong feelings as if it were a loved one.


Design strategy

We used a synthesis technique called Rose, Bud, Thorn in order to make sense of the information we gathered from the research phase. Next, we sorted similar data points into clusters to see what patterns emerged. From each cluster our team drew insights about Creativity Explored. During our exploration we uncovered several insights about what makes up the positive core of this organization, as well as opportunity areas where improvements could be made.



My team and I created a creative toolkit to capture Creativity Explored’s organizational values in a fun and engaging way. Each card represents one of nine values and are designed such that teachers can use them with students. During this project, I exercised my leadership skills. I used my communication skills to navigate our team through tough moments and to keep us on track. I also led brainstorming meetings in order to propel the projects forward.



+ Creativity Explored has many core values - all are represented in the Creative Cards. Through use of these cards, we promote ways to welcome everyone regardless of their abilities, promote a fun and creative environment and build a safe place to be vulnerable.

+ The Creative Cards capture the organizational values so that they won't be lost and can withstand future changes and transitions. But more importantly, the cards capture values so they can be celebrated and also serve as a reminder of what Creativity Explored stands for.

+ Although the toolkit was designed to be used by teachers and students, the cards can also be used with the board of directors and visitors so others can learn about Creativity Explored’s values.