Inspired Project: Aluminum Foundry

Design and build a foundry. Melt aluminum cans.  Cast usable objects. 


Design and Build


The body of the foundry is constructed from a sheet of mild steel.

The outer wall of foundry is formed by rolling sheet metal and connected using stainless rivets.  The exterior of the metal has been powder coated.

In order to have 1" of ceramic insulation on the interior of the foundry, another piece of scrap metal was rolled, spot welded together and placed inside the foundry to be used as a mold.  

After measuring out the appropriate amount of insulative refractory, water was added and intensively mixed. Ceramic was cast between the foundry body and metal mold.  After 48 hours of drying the mold was removed. 

The completed foundry is shown in the center of the pallet.  The hair dryer is used for air injection through the hole on the front of the foundry.  The black crucible holds aluminum cans as the charcoal heats them.  Once the aluminum has reached it's molten state, the liquid is poured into a mold that has been pressed into the sand.