Adare / Artificial Intelligence for the Classroom

A personalized education for every student.

Project Length: 8 weeks

Collaborators: Individual

Skills: experience design, user research, digital prototyping, systems thinking

Unesco predicts that in the next 30 years more people will be graduating through education than since the beginning of history. Our current education system is outdated, based on 19th century skill building. With technology at our fingertips, how can artificial intelligence make education more personalized, flexible and inclusive?


In order to uncover opportunities in the education space, I spoke with a range of teachers working in the public and private sector. I researched current societal trends and relevant technology in order to identify high-level opportunity spaces.



To help visualize the additional opportunities and pain-points of implementing artificial intelligence in the classroom, I created a user journey map. The map focuses on key touchpoints, feelings and actions of the teacher.



Next I created site maps and flow diagrams to understand how a user would navigate the system. A system blueprint helped me visualize how this product would be implemented in the real-world.



With a clear UX foundation and understanding of user needs, I started by sketching basic wireframes. Then, I digitized these wireframes in Sketch. After creating a mood board and defining a design language, I produced production-ready designs.